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Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid)

Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) January 14, 2018 | By ZeroID | Filed in: Android Games.

Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid)
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Description: Desert of Vice – a horror text adventure game.

Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) 9yoGnWA7ThzNLK_Ul9h7jJTxSRJO1zsQADdAdWVrahW_mhGdADRYrbGtVcjH_juHhQ

Solve the mystery of an isolated town in the middle of a desert in this new Lovecraftian adventure game! Featuring unique mobile control scheme – tap the bar at the top of the screen, type the desired command and see the action come to life!
Key features:
• A story rich adventure.
• Choice dependent multiple endings.
• Unique text based controls.
• Tailor made soundtrack by @cesque.
Inspired by the works of Franz Kafka and H.P. Lovecraft.
Font used – Courier Prime, copyright © 2013 Quote-Unquote Apps.

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  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) bh7ftqtUk-bLRdQaYrk-Uk-e-HIzH-CrclIwsIZJXw7dSI1n4cJNlaWkIMNTpkfAnQg=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) 9yoGnWA7ThzNLK_Ul9h7jJTxSRJO1zsQADdAdWVrahW_mhGdADRYrbGtVcjH_juHhQ=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) rlmuTQ38pxNkMYs2xaIYLna5gwnXxSu9gNXGCf53UPTSoB8GbbjkuVUncSQKEMBgkowK=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) fLNrKRS7zhmAu0eqEcbmkKZRtBfi1lncVBoCBKxEy5Tjs9HO1VX8XOtNZvb_9tiIAg=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) hRzA6x3f-7tZDlYnT49Oy1yEVJVs2SVfvzYnGU26BlewKkwCx5UKUypGYslQR1CxLZQ=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) Mm_8gySRPHCjAdXciBW-yQDqFeXm3_cUWTrgXMP8JiG0spPH7V4VgiGoYIDWo8PYiME=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) 1Ko6xFEXFBvTzXoJttrQaT_6vYdO-46IUHibR9wlWiNCf4J-yOMzYiMwpCsOUeZe77mM=h310
  • Desert of Vice v1.0.2 (Paid) p_8DDAR6MxXCYAUmYy2WtiflDfWt-0hQM8gNoTqq7BoZZe7b1jwsc9ePfxVxszSw=h310


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