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Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid)

Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) January 14, 2018 | By ZeroID | Filed in: Android Games.

Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid)
Requirements: 2.3
Description: Intercambio features 30+ puzzle rooms where you'll need to use the exchange ray to open the door.
The exchange ray will react differently depending on what object it touches.

Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) dm01QO05FF-2

– 30+ levels
– Gameboy style graphics
– On-screen controller
– Level editor to design your own puzzles

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  • Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) S9O1rP9YrtFSgW7K5mmUamf9gEBHjTONlfhCuocn5l5ywdosd5oz4gObQ1ze2ljw2FVl=h310
  • Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) rRRuH9ZtRAKklcz4zBY5SWArAk5KS-DN5j6oW_TXqY0kTkdElg2t7YqbsfPFZbiLqUk=h310
  • Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) KA4-kzFQngWyCAEvMaZSJm_YvQmZGWMn3vp630PxRvPMF6L9yzSZYhNd8Zp-skApHb4=h310
  • Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) 5_dHTO6PrPByRDR-oOdn6J3p9dfO6QtIJYaYP81-fY9_YjTlPPQcQcc-az5bumVAPw=h310
  • Intercambio v15.0.0 (Paid) tPKLSWKsz9Ay9Qd3ecIgTG7S6XJAdTgJ-bjinzysqJ8L9OSx1QiFuL9JUn56WyUIVQ=h310


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