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The Frankenstein Wars v1.2

The Frankenstein Wars v1.2
Requirements: 5.0+
Description: You direct two brothers who long guarded the secret to Victor Frankenstein’s resurrection technology… until the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

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It is a raw, epic, bloody, story-driven blockbuster. You direct both Tom and Anton Clerval, through a branching, non-linear storyline set on the revolutionary France with a backdrop of hellish war with the soul of humanity at stake -and you decide if the brothers become allies, or enemies.
A compelling and powerful story where you will meet and interact with great historical characters such as Ada Lovelace, Napoleon Bonaparte… and more!
* Explore 8 interactive maps to reach your objectives.
* You direct both Tom and Anton Clerval through a branching, non-linear storyline – and you decide if the brothers become allies, or enemies.
* Pit yourself against ever-shifting goals.
* Time is of the essence! Storylines and goals may be time-sensitive – the longer you take, the better prepared your opponents will be.
* Weather affects the game, not just for aesthetics but for the story (you know weather has changed the history in surprising ways).
* Direct whole battalions in narrated strategic battles.
* Original illustrations by Rafater.
* Immersive soundtrack with classical flavor (Cubus Games house brand).

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  • The Frankenstein Wars v1.2 3qwLDcHElEMrz3XJO2uuelzPtfmdqStD-3vj7spX-HbmwvC8C36WQG98b76rJzn4pw=h310
  • The Frankenstein Wars v1.2 imrxEcYwnEE0zcGniVFDG4EMAqnLEvCSKOH1gLpy5D3J1AoB_mrmzmlTddZhvuvJvg=h310
  • The Frankenstein Wars v1.2 3qJ810bJNONjL7kcvoh-DHbTqaOGwgpkV1D_NIFgYzbjs90FX7xyKnEEX5OkU3NEpQ=h310


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